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Let us Introduce our range of Shooting Chairs with new and improved gun cradle. Our new gun cradles can be retro fitted to all chairs manufactured prior to October 2017

Idleback Chairs was formed in 2009 as a manufacturer, of our own highly innovative shooting platforms, starting with the Original Rifle Chair, this has now developed into a range of chairs with 3 main designs, The Rifle Chair, Shotgun Chair and the latest “Combo Chair” a combination of both the rifle and shotgun chairs,as well as a list of add on accessories and adaptations that just keeps growing Like the chairs, Idleback the company has gone through many changes becoming much more than a manufacturer of chairs. Click on an Image to view more detailed Information on the Product.

Based in the United Kingdom, Idleback Limited currently distribute to the UK, USA, Europe and The Rest of the World.

If you would like any of our products distributing worldwide and your country is not covered with our courier, please call our main office on 01709 837906 or email. trev@idleback.co.uk and we will supply a quotation with the correct courier costs.

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If you are interested in becoming a Idleback distributor, please contact Trevor Horner – 01709 837906 or email. trev@idleback.co.uk