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Idleback ammo tray

The ammo tray has been designed to provide a convenient and safe place to store your ammo be it pellets or bullets and fits easily to the front arm of the Combo Chair .The design allows you to maintain the tray in a level position no matter what angle you have the front arm set The tray is an all aluminium construction with a foam pad in the bottom to help with any unwanted noise. Adjustment is made simply by way of a thumb screw  • Approx weight 430 g

Price £50.00 Purchase Direct from our Shop Click Here or call 01709 837906


Idleback Camera Converter Kit

Designed to make swapping from using a gun cradle to using a camera simple and easy to do without tools using the hand wheel provided inserting into the top of the front arm after removing the gun cradle. The converter kit attaches by way of a 3/8th screw to the underside of a camera mount which you will need in addition to the converter. The mount example shown in the pictures is a Manffrotto  804rc2 and is a very popular choice, available separately from us should you require. Many different mounts are available to work with the converter and if you would like any further advice please give us a call. Approx weight 340 g

Price £45.00 Purchase Direct from our Shop call 01709 837906

The Idleback Chair cover

Made from a very tough waterproof fabric the cover has a draw string base to make sure it stays in place while keeping the worst of the elements from your Idleback chair This cover does not form part of an escapology act and is simply there to cover the chair left out in the field or on the back of your truck

Price £45.00 Purchase Direct from our Shop Click Here or call 01709 837906

Idleback gun cradle side pads

Designed as a simple way to narrow your gun cradle,we made these as many of our customers have various rifles of differing widths so these help to keep the rifle nice and snug in the cradle helping with the accuracy. The pads simply pull over each side of the cradle and can be used singularly narrowing the cradle from the standard 60mm to approx 50mm, or as a pair making the cradle 40mm wide. Weight as a pair 26g

Price £20.00 Purchase Direct from our Shop Click Here or call 01709 837906


Hard standing feet

The hard standing feet were designed to give more flexibility to the chair when its been used on a hard surface, for example, target shooting or on a range also where the surface may be damaged using the standard spiked feet i.e on timber floors etc Simple to attach or un-attach just 1 thumb screw on each leg no tools required.

Price £65.00 Purchase Direct from our Shop Click Here or call 01709 837906

Idleback Mud plates

George Digweed was one of the first to request this particular product after extensive testing with his own Idleback chair. Designed to cope with softer ground or where extra force is been applied to the chair, trebling the chairs footprint helps to stop sinking. Simple to attach, sliding over the existing feet  secured in place with the hand wheels provided. Made from 4mm alloy they compliment the already robust construction of any of the Idleback Chair Range. Weight 150 grams each

Price £50.00 Purchase Direct from our Shop Click Here or call 01709 837906

The Idleback Extra Padded Seat Cushion

We decided to make this extra cushion after some of our customers requested a little more comfort when sitting for extra long periods of time It’s a simple add-on that will fit any existing Idleback chair and simply pulls over the existing cushion and secures in place with a draw string apron that locks with a simple toggle so it won’t slip around or fall off. Made from a weather proof vinyl outer shell with a waterproof Pu nylon inner that encases a 2”foam pad. It adds the extra comfort that some of our customers need while only adding around 215 grams in weight.

Price £26.95 Purchase Direct from our Shop Click Here or call 01709 837906

The Idleback Base Mount Kit

This kit consists of: 3 purpose made ratchet type straps, 3 anchor points (lashing loops) inc nuts & bolts, Drilling template with step by instructions and pictures. The kit allows you to fix an Idleback chair to a flat base, which in most cases will be a piece of 18mm plywood. Used in the back of a vehicle This becomes a highly effective mobile shooting platform rotating 360 degrees putting you in a position to shoot much quicker as you no longer have to line the vehicle up with the target. The example we have shown in the pictures is of internationally renowned Hunter Ian Harford using his Idleback Chair mounted to the back of his real tree truck. To do this cut a piece of 18mm plywood (not supplied) so that it fits snugly to the base of the truck or Mule etc, use the base mount kit to fix the chair to the ply wood and lay it in the back of the vehicle, no need to fix the ply to the truck as long as it is fits snugly and doesn’t slop about you are ready to go. The Kit also works well on the top of high towers.

Price £50.00 Purchase Direct from our Shop Click Here or call 01709 837906

Idleback Custom Made Holdall

The Idleback Custom Made Holdall

We decided to make our own bags after trying various bags on the market, some, from leading suppliers, but could not find one that we were happy to put our own name on. The bag is made with a tough grade Cordura outer and inner, with padding between the 2 layers. It has a rigid removable divider that has a pocket at one end, for the clutch unit and other bits, and pieces, there is also a rigid, removable floor. Although designed to hold the chair, the bag also doubles as a great kit bag and comes with a shoulder strap as well as two short handles and does an excellent job of protecting its contents from the rigors of the field.

Price £75.00 Purchase Direct from our Shop Click Here or call 01709 837906

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