Rifle Chair

The Idleback Rifle Chair - 01709 837906

Designed as a high Quality portable shooting rest, the Idleback Rifle Chair is a true innovation, packed with amazing features and functionality. It provides a solid platform to shoot from, rotating silently through 360 degrees greatly reducing missed opportunities in the field. It’s also equally at home on the range.

Used by professionals from, the various Forces, World championship winning sports men and women, Game keepers, Pest and vermin controllers and by private individuals, Idleback Chairs are adaptable to just about any situation.

A continuous drive to improve along with new ideas has seen the list of accessories continue to grow increasing the functionality further still

A complete range of spares and back up service are available in the unlikely event of something going wrong, so unlike other products where you are left with no alternative but to throw the complete item away, if a part fails on an Idleback Product it can be replaced ensuring years of service

All chairs are hand built in our workshop and are checked and tested by us before dispatch.

Production has now started on the latest version of chairs, Orders now being taken, Delivery Early May 2012
Contact Charlotte on 01709 837906

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