Idleback Base Mount Kit

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This kit consists of: 3 purpose made ratchet type straps, 3 anchor points (lashing loops) Inc. nuts & bolts, Drilling template with step by instructions and pictures. The kit allows you to fix an Idleback chair to a flat base, which in most cases will be a piece of 18mm plywood. Used in the back of a vehicle This becomes a highly effective mobile shooting platform rotating 360 degrees putting you in a position to shoot much quicker as you no longer have to line the vehicle up with the target. The example we have shown in the pictures is of internationally renowned Hunter Ian Harford using his Idleback Chair mounted to the back of his real tree truck. To do this cut a piece of 18mm plywood (not supplied) so that it fits snugly to the base of the truck or Mule etc, use the base mount kit to fix the chair to the ply wood and lay it in the back of the vehicle, no need to fix the ply to the truck as long as it is fits snugly and doesn’t slop about you are ready to go. The Kit also works well on the top of high towers.


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