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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Taster Session?

A taster session is one on one tuition with a range marshal used as an introduction to your chosen target sport. It’s advantages are as in the name a ‘Taster’ for a one off fee of £35 Adults and £30 Juniors, you get a great feel for the sport without having to commit to an annual membership should you not enjoy it ! You will receive full tuition on all the fundamentals in a 100% safe environment, including Full Safety Briefing, Lane Hire, Targets, Air Fills, Gun Hire, Pellet use. All of this is included in the cost of the session and there is no limit on the number of shots you can have in the hour!

Do I have to participate in a Taster Session?

Not Necessarily.

No, if you have experience with a rifle or pistol and can honestly say you are completely safe around other people, have knowledge of the laws and fully understand the workings of your equipment. If it is found you do not comply with the previous you may be asked to pack your equipment up and come back at another time for a taster session.

Yes, if you have not got any previous experience with the workings of your weapon  or do not feel 100% confident shooting on your own. Safety is paramount at Idleback and we wouldn’t want anything to go wrong putting yourself, or others, in danger.

Can I use my own equipment on a Taster Session?

We unfortunately would not allow this as our marshals are trained to provide you with the best and smoothest taster possible, if they do not know your weapon this may not be possible.

Do you supply filling probes for all airguns?

We carry some of the more popular fitting, but recommend you bring your own to avoid the possibility we do not.

Do you have any age restrictions?

We do have a minimum age of 9 yrs old.

What are the membership fee’s?

Please click here to see our up to date membership prices.

Do you offer corporate packages?

Yes we do, please contact for any inquiries.

Why do I pay up front for my Taster Session?

Idleback can be extremely busy and lane hire is booked in advance. If we take a Taster Session booking and you do not turn up, we are left with an empty lane, a range marshal to pay and existing members that could have used the range during that period of time. If you fail to attend, your pre-paid amount will be be taken as a non-refundable deposit.

Can I cancel my Taster Session?

No, however, you can re-arrange the session to a more convenient time with 24hrs notice.

My membership has expired, how do I renew it?

When you book your next session your renewal will flash up on our system and we will inform you that the renewal is due, simply come into the range at a convenient time, or when you next come to shoot, and it will be requested you pay up to date.

Can anyone enter the club competitions?

As an active member, yes. Speak to a member of staff and they will explain how they work and set you up.

Can I shoot Rimfire or Centre Fire on the Range?


Can I bring my friend and look after them on my lane?

No, please speak to a member of staff if you have anybody who wishes to attend and we will arrange a taster session, or their own lane should they have knowledge of what it is they are doing.

Do the Rifles kick or recoil and are they loud?

They are not excessively loud and PCP rifles have no recoil.

Do you offer First Aid within the premises?

Yes, Sarah, Idleback Manager is First Aid Certified.

Can I leave my child in the cafe whilst I shoot?

No, all children must be supervised to ensure safety at all times.

Does my airgun need to be in a sleeve or case?

Yes at all times until you are allocated a lane.

Can I turn up on the day?

All taster sessions must be pre-booked to ensure we have the appropriate number of staff members. For lane hire it is not necessary, however, advised.

Do you sell Guns, Pellets and Accessories?

Yes we do. We have a reasonably large, and growing, inventory of items.

Can you help me with my equipment while I am shooting?

Yes, please speak to a member of staff, if you are not a member it may be chargeable though.

Can I refill my Air Cylinder at the range?


Do you refill 3/4/7/12 Ltr Air Bottles?

Yes, only if it is up to date on it’s maintenance test.

What happens if my Airgun is over the UK legal limit?

The Law states as a registered RFD we will confiscate the gun until it is back to a safe legal limit, it this cannot be done we must hand the gun over to South Yorkshire Police. It can be reduced in house, however, all work will be chargeable.

Can I use BB’s in the Pistol and Rifle Range?


What do I do if my lane carriage stops working?

Make your gun safe and call over the range Marshall.

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