Idleback Standard Combo Shooting Chair


Standard Combo is without Arm/Rifle Butt Rest (arm/rifle butt rest can be retro-fitted)  Premier Combo is exactly the same as Standard Combo but comes with Arm/Rifle Butt Rest. Use for: Shooting Rifle and Shotgun + Optics: Spotting Scope, Bino’s, Camera etc.

Standard Combo Chair available with Saddle Seat (without Arm Rest)


8.5 Kilos, (19lbs)


Hunting and Target, Portable with shoulder strap, All static situations: Hides, High Towers, Pick-up. 360 Degrees Silent Rotation, Right & Left Handed.


Centre Fire, Rim Fire, Air Rifle and Shotgun


Tripod Base, individual height adjustable legs, Seat Beam (with Upholstered Saddle Seat) Back Rest, height adjustable, Rifle Rest, height adjustable (Detachable for Shotgun use) Arm & Rifle Butt Rest, height adjustable (Detachable for Shotgun use)


Light weight, powder coated Aluminium, Polyurethane Back Support and Gun Cradle, Upholstered Saddle Seat.

Chair Dimensions:

  • Height: 1035mm
  • Width: 610mm x 520mm
  • Height with legs fully extended to top of cradle: 1145mm
  • Height with legs and front arm fully extended: 1500mm
  • Height from floor to seat: 585mm
  • Height from floor to seat fully extended: 700mm
  • Weight approx: 8.5 kilos
  • Max Weight Capacity: 25 Stone
  • Saddle Seat Dimension: 400mm x 330mm
  • Back Rest Dimensions 290mm x 140mm
  • Arm Rest Pad: 260mm x 130mm

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