“WOW!!!  Trev, I really loved this shooting chair before I received it…It was by far the very BEST shooting chair, stand, bench, rest or anything that I had found and researched online, but….the Idleback Chair is even more impressive when you can touch it and sit in it, it’s a work of art!  The design, craftsmanship and the way the all of its components fit together…well they simply in my opinion are THE greatest product of its kind, period.  I really love it and it’s so much more than a shooting chair, I will certainly use it in my photography too.  Thank you Trev, for a great product and a great “hands on,” buying experience too”.

David, Alabama

I love the chair.

John, Wisconsin

“Hi Trev, You have certainly done yourself proud with your chair. Quality construction.

Thanks for your contribution to the shooting sports. Will try to show chair at my local gun club”.

Thanks, Ray, Scotia, New York.


“What would be the cost of 3 hardtail feet for chair sir for a kind of asphalt surface to set up chair which I am so pleased with by the way”

Shawn, Oklahoma.


“Used the chair in ernest at Barton Road ranges on Sunday. 100% happy. You might get a couple more orders”.

Ken, UK.


“I really have been enjoying it.  The back support is very nice for my lower spine”.

John, Wisconsin


“Apologies for the confusion. I must have been looking at the website geared towards photography and bird watchers. I see you have a full line of attachments for shooters. I think your pricing is very competitive and a great value give the functionality and the design engineering that has gone into your product and should compare favorably to similar products sold in the USA”.


The 6.5 Guys.


“We are going to go with the 2 premier combos with saddle seat.

The easiest way for me is to go the PayPal route. 

Thanks for working with me on this. I’m excited for your company. I can see how your chairs will also benefit people with disabilities and those who simply struggle with shooting or engaging with the outdoors”.

Erik, North Dakota.


“It’s certainly a pleasure doing business with other people in small business, there is such a pride of ownership and total commitment to the business and that almost always results in quality products and craftsmanship.

Trev, thank you again for your attention to detail, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to receiving and using your quality product”.



“I’m really excited to find your gear, it’s truly the best product on the market, the competition is not even close”.



“Your wonderful chair arrived Friday in fine shape.  Thank you for sending it so promptly .  I must say the ingenuity  and workmanship are very impressive. Your attention to detail, quality, and the use of specific shapes to maximize the strength of the light weight materials succeeds in the contradictory demands of strength and lightness.  Well done”.

Duke, Navada.


“I think you have a superior product that I will put to good use whacking prairrie dogs and ground squirrels”.

Matthew, USA.


“Thank you have a fine product. I have made 500 + yard kills already”. 

Sent from the Brush

Marty, Texas.


“Trevor I received the chair on Wednesday, thank you. That was super fast I was expecting about two weeks for delivery.  I unpacked the box and it appears everything is there. I have not had a chance to assemble it, hopefully this weekend. All the parts look very well-made, talk with you soon”. 

Duke, USA.

“By way of background, our “varmints” include, not only rats and fox as in the UK, but coyotes, prairie dogs, ground squirrels, crows, jack rabbits( as opposed to cottontail rabbits which look very much like your rabbits–they are considered “game” animals and have a season), and, farel hogs.  Much of this hunting is done in open prairie, rolling hills, or lightly wooded areas much of which requires long range shots where your chair would be most useful. This usually is done ambush style and/or by “calling” the game in with or without decoys depending on species.

Sorry to carry on so, but I am excited about getting one of your chairs.  I am retired and spend a good bit of time shooting and after four back surgeries I eagerly look forward to some of that increased comfort”.

John, USA


“Thank you for prompt response to my inquiry about your wonderful sounding and looking chair (I saw your videos on “You Tube”).  I was impressed and would not only like to purchase the shooting chair but would like to add options and purchase the Premier Combo Shooting Chair and hard surface legs.

Once again, thank you for your time and obvious pride in your workmanship.

I think your chair would do well here in the US especially among varmint hunters”.

Larry, USA.


“The chairs arrived today, two days early.  The boxes are in pristine condition, so I’m sure the chairs are too.  Thank you for your help in procuring them”.

Carl, Missouri.


“We have managed to make the payment, for us in Argentina that is a success. It seems that Mandy is now the owner of my chair, tell her, that it is not a Christmas gift. I trust that Mandy will test it and verify that it is complete and I hope she remembers to send me the chair. I’m kidding. Once the shipment has been made, please send me the tracking number.

Here we have animals called “vizcachas”. They weigh more or less 3-6 kg (6-12 pounds). The meat is very good, it looks like chicken. They are nocturnal and live in burrows like prairie dogs. I bought the chair for Vizcachas hunting. We usually go to the burrow in the afternoon and wait until they come out, like rabbits. I saw some videos on the web, in which they hunt rabbits using the chair and I thought, that’s what I need. I appreciate the effort made to send me the chair, when I saw on the web that my country was not on the list, thought, I was not going to be able to buy it”.
Thanks again
Dick, Argentina.